Marshfork High School
Montcoal, West Virginia

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Our School

1937 - Submitted by Ted Lacy
2000 Submitted by Bob Jarrell

The day was warm and bright,
And we sat in the light
On the wall in front
Of Marsh Fork High School

The world seemed young,
And we did too...
We never imagined a day this blueŚ
Heads filled mostly with thoughts of each other,
And not with thoughts of Algebra Two.

Marsh Fork was Our school,
The key to the tools
To unlock our future.

That warm, bright day has passed.
A future so wide and vast
Belongs now to another cast.

Our school is gone...
Only remembered as an old, sweet song
Of possibilities on a day warm and bright
As we sat in the light, on the wall
In front of our Marsh Fork High School.

..............By Charles T. Bradford

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