Marsh Fork High School

I taught Spanish and English at Marsh Fork High School from the beginning of 1963 to the end of the school year of 1968. My wife Eve and I were married over Christmas of 1967. She was somewhat established in Parkersburg, West Viginia already. Two foreign-language teaching jobs were available at Parkersburg South High School, at that time a newly-formed school with no real traditions, but with one of the largest student populations in West Virginia. Though I disliked leaving Marsh Fork, Coal River, friends, and family, there seemed to be a future beckoning to me in a larger area.
Teaching at a larger school was similar to Marsh Fork. Parkersburg Southís students, like those of MFHS, were friendly and intelligent. The classrooms were large, comfortable, and well-equipped. The faculty was well-educated and easy to work with. Administration was supportive and friendly. I liked it so well that I taught there for twenty-nine years.
Since leaving Marsh Fork, I continued my own education, studying and visiting in such places as Medellin and Bogota in Colombia; Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Granada, and Malaga in Spain; Le Havre, Paris, and Nice in France; and in several other European cities and capitals. My Masterís Degree is from West Virginia University. As a teenager, I spent hours sitting on a front porch swing, wondering what my adult life would be like and where events would take me. It has been quite a journey for a kid from Edwight, West Virginia to take!
These days I am retired. I stopped teaching full-time at the end of the term in 1997. I still substitute teach.
I look back on my years at Marsh Fork High School with a mixture of regret and joy. The regret results from my own lack of knowledge of how to have provided the very best educational experience for my students of that time. The joy comes from having interacted with students whose lives I know were somehow enriched from our working together, when Marsh Fork still existed as a viable school.
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With love and with respect,
Charles T. Bradford
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