Wiley and Regenia Bowles

Adkins Cemetary at Naomi

Born July 6, 1885
Died Dec 20, 1952

Regenia Sylvia Roche, on the left with her three sisters in Pennsylvania.
They were the daughters of August Joseph Roche,born on Mar 19, 1849 in Piegut, France, and Mahalia Elizabeth Wilkenson, from Bedford Co, PA. They moved, with Regenia to Fayette Co, where they ran a boarding home. Regenia met Wiley Bowles in Boone Co and they lived at Birch Holler, Raleigh Co, WV.

Died: Dec. 20, 1956

Wiley Bowles in the center with his son, Ealy Bowles, and his daughter Bertha Belle Bowles
His Parents were Alan Bowles and Octavia Cooper