How Many Graduates?

Using the MFHS Annuals , either on the website marshfork.com or in hardbacks, and The Highlander (1936), and the Raleigh County Board of Education website, along with the following presumptions:

- the count is all-inclusive for all school titles, i.e., Marsh Fork - Stickney High School, the Montcoal - Stickney High School, Marsh Fork High School.

- all of the seniors shown in the Annuals and The Highlander did in fact graduate.

- the seniors shown in the annuals on the web is a true presentation, i.e., no pages or photos missing.

And using the above presumptions and the below information, it looks like the number graduated from MFHS between 1930 and 2003 is between 3,217 and 3,328 students, more or less. Since there is not an absolute definitive count, I am inclined to go with the 3,328. since that includes true counts and averages where the lack of information forces some conclusions.

Researched and Submitted by Dan Harlessblockquote>
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